COmmercial & Industrial

Superior Fibers manufactures bulk fiberglass filtration media for commercial and industrial applications such as:


  • Bulk media by roll to finished filter makers of filtration cassette units for industrial work environment and air cooled machinery protection.
  • Providers of various grades of bulk roll fiberglass media to be cut into medium duty replaceable pads and blankets in commercial HVAC systems.
  • Auto roll media for high volume air handling systems.
  • Coalescent media for protection against salt water mist in intake air around oceanic locations, as well as oil and acidic vapors created during manufacturing processes.
  • Pre-filter media for high volume turbine air intake systems.
  • Bulk media to manufacture high efficiency filter bags for railroad engine air intakes.
  • Lofts from 1” to 5” and weights from 10 gram to 45 grams per square foot and up.


Air Filtration Applications

Paint Arresting Applications

Industrial Coating Applications

Specialty Fiberglass Applications

Train Air Filters