PolyStrand Service

More efficient, more economical, and easier to handle.

Introducing the media with the memory. PolyStrand® from Superior Fibers.

PolyStrand® fibers are compressed prior to shipping, then return to normal size at installation time.

PolyStrand® is made of fibers that have been totally encapsulated in Polyb™ – an exclusive technology that results in an economical, high loft air filtration media that is gentle, soft and safe.

Polyb™ is the heart of the industry’s first true 100% fiber tackification process called TotalTac™, a dust-gathering substance permeating the entire media, stopping dust and improving efficiency.

PolyStrand® fibers are non-respirable because they are over 7 times larger in size than the 3.5 or lower micron size that is recognized to be able to enter the small airways of the lower respiratory tract.

PolyStrand® filter media is manufactured using recycled cullet materials.

Air Filtration Applications

Paint Arresting Applications

Industrial Coating Applications

Specialty Fiberglass Applications

Train Air Filters