Superior filtering at a lower in cost than polyester

PolyStrand® is a glass fiber based product that is Poly Safe – Poly Soft This is accomplished by means of our specially engineered fibers and our patented polyb coating technology that renders the resulting filtration media friendlier to the touch.

PolyStrand® has been successfully used as a lower cost alternative to petroleum based polyester fiber products by finished filter converters in framed products that are sold for home and industrial applications. It is available in solid white and two standard sizes of 1 and 2 inch thickness configurations in bulk roll form, with varying widths according to customer requirements.

PolyStrand® is Poly Safe and Poly Soft.

PolyStrand® filter media is manufactured using recycled cullet materials

PolyStrand Air Filter Media

Air Filtration Applications

Paint Arresting Applications

Industrial Coating Applications

Specialty Fiberglass Applications

Train Air Filters