For the first time, consumers don’t have to sacrifice energy efficiency to capture the most dust and allergens.

- Lofted polymer microfiber – the first totally new filtration medium in over 3 decades – patent pending
- MERV 8
- Record-setting dust holding capacity > 240 grams @ 1.5” wg >(2 times the competition)
- Traps and holds more common allergens than any other residential MERV 8 filter
- Initial pressure drop ≤ 0.25 inches wg
- 100% recycled fibers; 100% self-supported
– Typically pays for itself in energy savings versus conventional MERV 8 pleat


If the dust doesn’t leave on the used filter, it never leaves

ASHRAE 52.2 tests conducted at LMS Technologies and Blue Heaven Technologies – 24” x 24” x 2” filter Superior Fibers – ePure® patent pending

While a typical “standard capacity” pleated MERV 8 reaches a terminal pressure drop of 1.5” water gravity resistance at only 98 grams of dust fed and a typical “high capacity” reaches terminal pressure drop at 134 grams, the ePure filter does not reach terminal pressure drop until at least 350 grams of dust is fed.