For the first time, consumers don’t have to sacrifice energy efficiency to capture the most dust and allergens.

- Lofted polymer microfiber – the first totally new filtration medium in over 3 decades – patent pending
- MERV 8
- Record-setting dust holding capacity > 145 grams @ 1.0” wg (3 times the competition)
- Traps and holds more common allergens than any other residential MERV 8 filter
- Initial pressure drop ≤ 0.15 inches wg
- 100% recycled fibers; 100% self-supported
– Typically pays for itself in energy savings versus conventional MERV 8 pleat


If the dust doesn’t leave on the used filter, it never leaves

ASHRAE 52.2 tests conducted at LMS Technologies and Blue Heaven Technologies – 20” x 25” x 1” filter Superior Fibers – ePure® patent pending

While the most popular 20” x 25” x1” pleated MERV 8 filters reach a terminal pressure drop of 1.0” water gravity resistance at between 15 grams and 50 grams of dust fed, the same size ePure filter does not reach terminal pressure drop until at least 178 grams of dust is fed.