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Coating Applications

Examples of coating application include:

  • Powder Coating operations
  • Varnishes, Stains, and Other Coatings used in the cabinetry and furniture industries
  • Vinyl and other Polymer Coatings
  • Non-stick Coatings
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Oil mist and/or Heavy Vapors of Coolants created during high speed Metal Cutting and CNC operations in an enclosed environment
  • And many other endless usages requiring protection against the escape of airborne particles and mists from the exhaust stream of any NESHAP compliant coating operation or enclosed working machine environment.

** Superior Fibers also provides filtration products (ZHT) that will withstand elevated temperatures of exhaust stream air as high as 700°F for prolonged periods of time. [Temperatures in excess of 300°F for prolonged periods of time will require a special metal holding device.]   

Contact your sales representative for details about these or any other of our fiberglass based products to cover your customer's unique exhaust protection requirements.


Superior Fibers, LLC
Superior Fibers, LLC

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